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Pacific Bulletproof Co. has been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom fabricated bullet, forced entry, and blast resistant systems for over twenty-three years. We are sought after by America’s most well-known financial institutions, Fortune 500 corporations, police, and government facilities, commercial, residential, and fast food industry. We have vast experience in designing custom physical security solutions that will work to protect our clients if ever tested. Our passion is to protect lives and assets, giving our clients true security, and reducing their exposure to risk. Please contact our customer service specialist to help with your project now at 888-358-2309.

Some of the more popular custom bullet resistant systems are as follows:

Pacific Bulletproof Co. has completed over 6000 custom bandit barriers for the major banks and credit unions across America. The following are some of the more popular designs.

Pacific Bulletproof Co. designs, manufactures, and installs bullet and forced entry resistant security products for the fast food industry. We have created products to protect our fast food customers from robbery and violence, while simplifying the process of implementing very effective security. Some of the popular products we offer to the fast food industry include:

• Transaction windows
• Bandit Barriers
• Modular counter systems
• Storefront security glazing
• Bulletproof doors
• Drive up windows
• Bulletproof wall armor

Pacific Bulletproof Co. has been helping our police departments in the design and implementation of the levels of security they require to meet the growing number of threats they are facing. We are a one-stop security solution for our law enforcement locations, providing design and consulting services, manufacturing a full line of security products, and conducting expert installation nationwide. For help securing your department, please call us now at 888-358-2309.

The U.S. Government requires the highest levels of security combined with advanced technology to ensure that they have the best protection available. Pacific Bulletproof consults, designs, engineers, and manufactures for a multitude of government projects from U.S. Military Bases, U.S. Embassies, indoor tank ranges, border check points, as well as special projects to design and create new products needed by various government departments. If you are looking for physical security products or designs for a government project, please contact us now so we can help at 888-358-2309.

The arched style design is used by many of the major financial institutions across America. This design looks attractive and allows for natural voice communication between customers and employees without electronic speakers.

The low profile design is a fairly new design that is becoming increasingly popular among the major financial institutions we serve. This design allows for natural voice transmission between the customers and employees, and also provides a more unobstructed view to allow better quality photos of clients from the security camera system.

Schools are requiring higher levels of security than ever before, and for this reason Pacific Bulletproof Co. has designed and created highly advanced patent pending bullet resistant classroom doors, as well as storefront security glazing entrance systems, and front lobby counter systems. All of our products are created to be extremely attractive and appear ordinary, but save lives in the event of an active threat. Please call us now for help protecting your school at 888-358-2309.

• Bullet Resistant Classroom doors
• Security storefront glazing
• Entrance Control Units
• Transaction Windows
• Wall Armor
• Classroom security windows
• Remote door locking systems

Pacific Bulletproof Co. offers a full line of physical security products to protect court houses across America. These products include:

• Bulletproof entrance control units
• Bulletproof Doors
• Wall armor
• Bulletproof judges benches
• Storefront Security Glazing (bullet,    blast, forced entry resistant)
• Bulletproof lobby windows
• Bulletproof transaction windows

Pacific Bulletproof Co. is sought after by the leading Fortune 500 Corporations to design, manufacture, and implement very effective security measures that will work in the event of an attack. After working with some of the top corporate security teams on the planet for years, we have designed state-of-the-art products that meet the requirements for these high profile companies’ executive security needs. Please contact us to help your organization 888-358-2309.

• Corporate executive offices
• Reception desk
• Conference Rooms
• Security doors
• Security Glazing
• Wall Armor

The baffle design is the oldest design and goes back over 30 years. This design is simple, looks attractive, and yet allows for natural voice communication between employees and customers.

Pacific Bulletproof Co. recognized the need to simplify bandit barriers for our clients and recently created the patent pending, modular bullet resistant counter system. This bullet resistant counter is the most advanced bullet resistant product in our industry. It is made of a proprietary core that is also seismic rated and qualifies for LEED credits. The counter is customized to meet our client’s brand and individual specifications, and once designs are approved, they can be ordered as simply as ordering a new piece of furniture. For more information on how you can simplify ordering bandit barriers, please call us at 888-358-2309.