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Bulletproof glass” and “bullet resistant glass” are the most common combinations of words used when someone is searching for a bulletproof window. The fact is that there are many types of materials used to make bulletproof windows. Which one is right for you? The material you choose depends on whether or not you are looking for interior or exterior applications.

Bulletproof or bullet resistant windows for interior application are normally made up of different materials then that of exterior bulletproof glass windows. Pacific Bulletproof has been providing bullet resistant protection to banks, police departments, check cashing stores, gas stations, and many other structures/industries for over twenty years. We are experts in physical security of all types.

Standard Bulletproof Glass is the least expensive form of bulletproof glass for exterior use. Pacific Bulletproof Co. carriers a full line of bullet resistant glass shown below and also has each glass design available in a special type of  glass for those who want to eliminate the green tilt that comes with regular thick glass. Pacific Bulletproof Co also carriers all the framing options needed for your windows whether it’s storefront framing or a transaction window or just a fixed window frame


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bulletproof glass
bulletproof glass

Bullet resistant acrylic is mostly used for banks, check cashing stores, payment centers, utility companies and medical buildings. It is available in U.L. 752 level 1 and level 2 and can be cut to any size and have very nice, clean polished edges. This is a very clear and attractive choice for bullet resistant counter systems as you see at banks.

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Bullet resistant polycarbonate and / or polycarbonate/ acrylic blends are the most common choices for U.L. 752 Level three interior windows. This is a very common choice for police departments, gas stations and government projects including court houses. Bullet resistant polycarbonate laminations are a great choice for interior windows because besides being bullet resistant they are also very forced entry and blast resistant and depending on the frames used. Pacific Bulletproof provides two choices of this level of protection. The first is a layup of straight polycarbonate and has by far the best level 3 rating in it’s class, and the second is a polycarbonate acrylic blend. This product is more cost effective, but when shot at multiple times it loses its bullet resistance do to the breaking up of the acrylic interlayer. These are very strong choices for interior bullet resistant windows

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bulletproof glass
bulletproof glass

Bullet resistant glass clad polycarbonate is a very popular choice for exterior bullet resistant glazing applications. The reason is that bullet resistant glass clad polycarbonate is a combination of glass and polycarbonate combined in layers to make a thinner / lighter bullet resistant glass with added forced entry and blast protection based on the strength of the polycarbonate / glass combination. You can see below the differences in weight and thickness of bullet resistant glass clad polycarbonate. This is why people tend to favor this product in higher levels of bullet resistant glass protection. It is lighter and thinner and easier to install than standard bulletresistant glass. It also provides the option of no spall protection, meaning that if shot glass fragments will not become projected on the safe side.

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glass clad polycarbonate
storefront protection
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storefront security

Pacific Bulletproof Co. provides a full line of Storefront Bullet resistant / Blast resistant / Forced entry doors, windows and frames including:

  • Aluminum Frame Storefront Bulletproof Window Systems
  • Steel Frame Storefront Bulletproof Window System
  • Stainless Steel Storefront Bulletproof Systems
  • Modifications to existing storefront systems to add Bullet Resistant Protection
  • Storefront Bullet Proof Doors
  • Blast and Forced Entry Storefront Window Systems

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custom systems

Pacific Bulletproof Co. has been designing / engineering, manufacturing, and installing bandit barriers Nationwide for Banks, Credit Unions, Check Cashing, Retail, and Government facilities for over 23 years. We have completed well over 5000 bandit barrier projects National wide, offering our clients fast lead times, excellent customer service, and very competitive prices. For more information or a free estimate on a Bandit Barrier, or custom bullet resistant system, please call our customer service representatives now, 888-358-2309.

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fabricated systems
transaction windows

Pacific Bulletproof Co. manufactures the best-selling transaction windows in the industry with the fastest lead times. We offer a full line of standard and custom size transaction windows for both bullet and forced entry resistance, providing our clients with added security for the same cost. Our proprietary frames have been designed take on the bullet resistant level of the window, giving our clients better protection. Our windows install in minutes and can be moved easily if you need to re-locate. Select models are in stock today and ready to ship. Call our customer service representatives now for a free estimate, 888-358-2309.


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transaction window
security glazing
glass-clad polycarbonate

Pacific Bulletproof Co. offers a full product line of Bullet, Forced Entry, and Blast resistant Security Glazing products. Our products meet both U.L. 752 and NIJ standards and are engineered and manufactured to meet our client’s specific needs. We offer standard off the shelf products such as transaction windows, modular bandit barrier systems, residential security windows, storefront security glazing, as well as custom solutions, where we design / engineer and manufacture custom systems to meeting our client’s needs. Whether you choose a standard window or custom system, you will get high quality products with the fastest lead time in the industry, at very competitive prices.
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